Water Based & Mixed Media Painting Tips by Artist Chris Forsey

I am really looking forward to tutoring at L’Age Baston this Summer. It’s my first time teaching there and the Chateau comes highly recommended by previous visitors. Naturally the sun will shine and that gives us a good chance to get out sketching the views and scenes around L’Age Baston and further afield. We can then get creative back in the studio and produce some dynamic, exciting and individual paintings from our inspiration, with the help of sketches and photos of course.

In the mean time I thought a few ‘Top Tips’ might help get you thinking and started on some painting in water-based media, watercolour and mixed media. So here they are:-

Tip #1

When out sketching try to catch a range of tones; black, 3 shades of grey and the white of the paper. This will then make it easier to translate into a painting and give you full scope to be creative with your colours.

Tip #2

Try using a range of media when sketching; pens, brush, water-soluble crayons, watercolours. It will make it more exciting and enhance the sketchbook content.

Tip #3

Make a compositional plan, it will be very helpful when you start painting.

Tip #4

Think about your colours. A simple limited palette of 3-5 colours will give the painting harmony and cohesion.

Tip #5

Ask yourself: ”what is this painting about”? It will help you decide on colour palette and the mood and atmosphere that you want to evoke.

Tip #6

If using mixed media, (I will be using acrylic inks, watercolour, acrylic and oil pastels at L’Age Baston) get to know the media before attempting to paint. Investigate how the media interact and how to exploit these features. For example, watercolour is repelled by oil pastel and creates great textures if the pastel laid down first.

Tip #7

Keep your chosen media close to hand when painting so you can switch from one to the other with ease and confidence.

Tip #8

Think BIG and BOLD, a larger painting has more opportunities for expression.

Tip #9

Use a BIG BRUSH, 1”-2”, it will loosen you up and promote an expressive approach, and be more ‘fun’ too.

Tip #10

Lastly, try to create your own painting language through brush stroke and mark making,… paintings with a ‘personal’ stamp always attract more attention.

So I look forward to seeing you there where we are going to have lots of fun as well as being really creative!

(Just to whet your appetite here are a couple of stages in the painting of a Summer Landscape in Mixed media, Watercolour, Oil Pastel, Acrylic Ink and Acrylic paint).

Chris 🙂

Mixed-Media Painting

Stage 2 – Mixed-Media Painting

Mixed-Media Painting

Stage 4 – Mixed-Media Painting

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