L’Age Baston Chronicles

The L’Age Baston Chronicles is published once a year around Christmas and includes announcements and updates on all things related to the Château. All Chronicles are viewable using Adobe Reader. Visit Adobe for a free copy of the most recent version of Adobe Reader. You can also complete the quick form below to be the first to receive our chronicles direct to your email address.

The Chronicles

L'Age Baston 2017 NewsletterSummer 2017 proved to be another exceptional season. Weather, food and company were all outstanding. There was Great Painting, John got to walk his little legs off and Alex reigned calm and supreme in the kitchen.

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L'Age Baston 2016 NewsletterThat was a great season. Choc-a-block with chat, filled with wonderful food, scorched with sunshine, packed with Painters and Poets & Cooks. Stuffed with Silver –Tongued Francophiles and boosted by bright-eyed Walkers.

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L'Age Baston 2015 NewsletterGreetings from the tranquil Charente countryside. First things first; a big thank-you to everyone who made Summer 2015 great fun and memorable in so many ways. We were blessed with a brilliant mix of guests (new and old) and a creative mix of tutors (old and new).

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L'Age Baston 2014 NewsletterThe year flashed past in a haze of wonderful meals and glorious guests illuminated by generous doses of sunshine. Congratulations artists; your work just gets better and better. Well done walkers; many miles of lovely country seen and new routes explored. Bien entendu, on a bien parler n’est ce pas?

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L'Age Baston 2013 NewsletterHere is a download of our 2013 Chronicles fresh off the press. It gives you seasonal best wishes and a flavour of life here at the Chateau. Have a look. Choose a week. If you book before the end of February you will get a special ‘early bird’ deal that makes a L’Age Baston Holiday even better.

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L'Age Baston 2012 NewsletterNext year will be the 21st anniversary of courses here at L’Age Baston. This is a cause for celebration. So we shall have a 21st Birthday Party every week, & you are officially invited. Break out the party frocks, polish up those party pieces and get ready for a bit of joyous frivolity.

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L'Age Baston 2011 NewsletterThat was a year that was. So dry the rivers are only just coming back up. So hot at times the pool was the only place to be. So scrumptious the old waistline is only just recovering (in time for Christmas!). What fun-filled, frolicsome, feisty, fearless folks we had.

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L'Age Baston 2010 Newsletter“The weather outside is frightful….” Season’s greetings from Château L’Age Baston. Doesn’t the time just whip by? Here we are with Chronicles 10 and it hardly seems 5 minutes since I was writing the last one. With Victoria’s help it’s been another busy and successful season at the Château.

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L'Age Baston 2009 NewsletterSeasons greetings from Jollity Farm! This is Chronicle No.9 and our 17th year of holidays at L’Age Baston. Thanks to everyone who joined us here in 2009. You made it one of our best seasons ever. Medieval music-hall, Mastif d’Oré? woolly cabaret, glorious Not so much hound of the Baskervilles as The Golden Mastiff of L’Age Baston.

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L'Age Baston 2008 NewsletterA couple of weeks ago we heard the Cranes flying south. There were hundreds of them calling to each other in the dark as they migrated to warmer climes. Alex and I always get really excited about them. We rush out and wave twice a year; once as they go south in winter and then again north in the spring.

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L'Age Baston 2007 NewsletterIt’s that Chronicle time again. I can tell because it gets dark at 6.p.m. the wood stoves are gently purring and Alex is doing the Christmas cards. So, what’s new since the last edition? Well let me think – we had a birth, a marriage, and a tractor. We went a bit mad with the fairy lights in the garden and cleaned the terrace stonework.

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