The last few days here in South Devon have been wall to wall sunshine and they have put me in mind of another four weeks teaching at L’Age Baston this summer, something to really look forward to. The pleasures of capturing dappled sunlight whilst sitting under the walnut trees outside the studio, the challenging complexities of the very varied architecture and the charm and fun of the donkeys. These are all worthwhile memories to record. These experiences will be greatly enhanced by the wonderful hospitality. There are still a couple of places left so if you’d like to join me click here to see dates and prices.

Since last September at L’Age Baston, I have had another very busy winter running weekly classes in watercolour and drawing, interspersed with workshops in portraiture, oil painting and drawing animals. As well as many demos at local art societies. The culmination of a lot of my recent work that has been created, will result in a well deserved two week exhibition at The Loft Studio, home to Salcombe Art Club soon.

Some of the projects from this winters schedule include: an atmospheric drawing of a mode of transport, from a tractor to an old wheelbarrow, a wintery scene, buildings in pen and ink, the always challenging subject of painting of trees and mixing greens, rooftops which are great for patterns and abstract shapes and cast shadows. As you will see in my watercolour, The Guardians House at L’Age Baston in the late afternoon sunshine, is always an inspiration with the Magnolia trees and railings causing a wonderful light show.

This time of year is when my classes at home move outside too for us to observe transient light and shade in our beautiful Devon landscape. Travelling along its quirky lanes with banks looking their absolute best with bluebells, campion, Queen Anne’s lace cap, wild garlic and foxgloves, to a day on a private beach at the mouth of the River Erme, a popular location for filmsets, the opportunity to visit a small holding to draw animals and the landscape and the challenge of capturing the architecture of a traditional stone longhouse and it’s barns. Wonderful!

In other news, I have just returned from a visit to London where I have been to The National Portrait Gallery to see Sargent, Portraits of Artists and Friends and The National Gallery to see Inventing Impressionism. Both were very memorable. One thing that always has an impact on me when seeing original artwork for the first time, is being surprised by the scale of the paintings and drawings. Sometimes they are so much smaller or vice versa, than you imagined. Also, if you can get close enough without setting off alarms, I love to observe brush marks and sense the speed with which they were painted especially obvious in the portraits by Sargent. His skill at portraying fabrics and textures is superb. As for the lively and evocative paintings of the Impressionists, one can sense the urgency to capture a fleeting moment of light or movement, so obvious in this exhibition.

So much to do! So much to enjoy. As a great man once said, “the light, the light, the light” and if you join me this summer I can promise you light and art to remember – Jennifer 🙂

Painting Kit Guide

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