French Country Cooking Course Tutor

Your host and French Country cooking tutor Alexandra Waddington has been resident boss of the L’Age Baston Kitchens for the last 20 years. Alex is responsible for all aspects of the delightful Château food that delights everyone. Her previous lives in the UK were well spent in business administration and lecturing in Further Education. When Alex’s keen interest in good food (shared by all the family) fell under the influence of catering professionals, she began to explore her talent in a more systematic way.

Taking charge of the Château Kitchen has given Alex a unique opportunity to extend her mastery of French Cuisine and of discovering the best ways of helping her students to learn the things they need to. Our guests love and respect Alex’s interpretations of French classic dishes and it is only natural that Cookery Students should want to learn the secrets for themselves.

Alex likes local sourcing whenever she can and, ideally, would want to know who grew or reared everything that comes into the kitchen. Her favourite ingredients are from her own Château Gardens but the accent is always on the best fresh, local and quality produce for students to work with. Her specialities are pastries, tarts, terrines and sauces and she favours dishes that have a distinctive regional character using ‘produits de terroir’ like Pineau, Cognac, Walnuts, saffron, soft and subtle goat cheeses, rillettes, canard (the list is quite extensive). Her repertoire is large and her recipe book is impressive. Her ability to create memorable meals from fresh, simple ingredients is outstanding.

Alex knows that a week in the Kitchen at L’Age Baston is hardly a rest cure – lots of standing up so you need good shoes, lots of reading, weighing, chatting and giggling, chopping, mixing and tea breaks. She also knows that by the end of the week you will be feeling not only a real sense of achievement but also have had fun into the bargain. Alex is looking forward to meeting you.