Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of  frequently asked questions provides brief answers to some of  the questions we often get asked.

Would I be comfortable if I came on my own?

Absolutely. L’Age Baston has lots of people who happily come on their own because they know they will be joining friendly, welcoming people sharing an interest in a beautiful and secure environment.

Do I need to bring towels with me to L’Age Baston?

No, you will find lovely white towels in all our bathrooms.  We also provide swimming towels to use at the pool and on the loungers. Swimming Towels are in the Basket in the library.

Can I drink the tap water at L’Age Baston?

Yes, the tap water is very good and comes direct from the mains both upstairs and downstairs so the water in your room is absolutely safe to drink as well.

Are there any tea and coffee making facilities at L’Age Baston?

Yes, there are two places to make your own hot drinks.  One is in the Charentais Kitchen next to the French room and the other is in the Painting Studio.  Both are equipped with Tissanes, Coffee, Teas, Milk and Biscuits for you to help yourself to at any time.

Is there an iron and ironing board that guests can use while staying at L’Age Baston?

Yes, next to the main staircase is a room where you will find an iron and ironing board.  In this room you will also find swimming pool towels in the big wicker basket and lots of bookshelves with holiday ‘reads’ that you are welcome to borrow too.

Do you have access for people with mobility problems at L’Age Baston?

All bedrooms in the main house are upstairs.  The main staircase is wide and gentle, and was designed to be walked up and down in huge dresses, but if you find stairs a problem, we could accommodate you in the Guardian’s House just over the way, which only has three steps up to the front door and a ground floor bedroom.

How long does it take to walk into the nearby town of La Rochefoucauld?

It takes about 20 minutes to walk into town and about 25 minutes to walk back. Alternatively you could borrow a bike or we could drop you down in the mini-bus.

Do you have WiFi at L’Age Baston?

Yes there is WiFi but the house is big and the stone walls are thick, so it only reaches certain parts.  The WiFi reach was extended this winter but if you have reception problems you will find a PC with Internet access and a printer in the French room which you are welcome to use at any time.

At what times do you serve the meals at L’Age Baston?

Breakfast is at 8.30am, Lunch is at 1pm and Dinner is served at 8pm.

Do you provide Vegetarian options at L’Age Baston?

Yes, let us know in advance and we can cater for Vegetarians, Vegans and other special diets.

Do you provide a hairdryer at L’Age Baston?

Yes, you will find a hairdryer in the box on the dresser in the Charentais Kitchen.

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