French Language Holidays in France

Learning French

French tutor Genevieve teaching French at L’Age Baston

French Language Holidays at L’Age Baston are for lovers of France and things French. It’s for Francophiles who want to be more Francophone. For those of you with children/in-laws/twinning-friends and jobs that could benefit from you speaking French more easily. For those who dream of more than just buying a house, a beer, a meal, or a supermarket caddy-full.

Are you curious about the all the little and big things that make the difference? Do you think a country is as much about people and language as landscape and sunshine? If the answer is yes then a French Language course Holiday at L’Age Baston is just what you need.

Learn French on Holiday in France

This is your unique opportunity to Learn French on Holiday! Study with our native professional French Tutors in small interactive groups. You can improve your French language skills, get privileged insight into the Culture and have a good time as well.

French for Francophiles

Dates: 6th June, 27th June, 18th July, 8th Aug, 29th Aug, 19th Sept

French for Francophiles is a French Holiday Course for people with some prior knowledge of French looking to improve. You will enjoy talking, listening and starting to think in French whilst also learning about the people and culture of France. More talking than writing. You can grow and build your grammar, vocabulary, oral and listening skills in the tender care of our tutors.

The groups at L’Age Baston are kept small. This will give you enough of that personal attention and speaking time you need to make the right kind of progress. Time enough to get to know your tutors and fellow students and time to ‘tune in’ to different voices. There is a class session every morning with one of the French tutors. The exception is on Wednesdays when we often visit the market at Piegut Pluviers in the mornings so your lesson will be after lunch instead.

The afternoons have optional guided visits and trips to local places of interest. These visits are often based on things discussed in the morning sessions and may have practical exercises attached. Of course people sometimes prefer to spend the afternoons sitting by the pool sipping pastis, playing boule and croquet or exploring on the bikes.

When you book your Francophiles course at L’Age Baston we ask you to download and send us our French Language Questionnaire to help our tutors decide the groups and materials to use. It is straightforward to fill in and best done without help! Return the completed questionnaire to give our tutor team an even better chance of arranging a wonderful French experience for you. All course materials are included.

So whether you’re learning for business or pleasure, rest assured that our French team will provide the right motivation so that you will make good progress in enjoyable surroundings.

French Intensive Course

Dates: 18th July, 8th Aug, 29th Aug

Want to learn at a faster pace? Have a special project in mind? Our Intensive French holiday course will give you up to 30 hours of tuition over a week’s stay. With tutored sessions both morning and afternoon, this is a concentrated approach that gives you a minimum of 5 hours a day tutor contact plus guided self-study and homework as required.

Intensive French will suit students with prior knowledge of French. The activities are varied and our tutors are very good at selecting topics and materials to suit your level and interests. You will have French TV, newspapers, magazine, films and books to help you.

The Intensive Course is focused on spoken French and built around two daily sessions with our French Tutors. These are normally classroom based at the Château in the mornings whilst afternoons can also include tutor accompanied visits and practical work. You will have a demanding schedule that includes lots of tutor contact and homework, but there is usually time for that essential pool use and relaxation too.

French Intensive at L’Age Baston offers you experienced French mother tongue tutors and small student groups in elegant and calm surroundings. It is hard work but is highly rewarding.

When you book online we ask you to download and complete our French Language Questionnaire. This will help us with your of your skill level and enable us to find out if you have any special areas (for work, or relationships for example) that interest you. The clearer your objectives the more precise we can be with your course planning and materials.

French Language Holidays at L’Age Baston are a unique opportunity to learn and exchange in French and about France. You will have lots of help and you will discover that L’Age Baston is a very supportive and encouraging place to study in.