French Language Tutors

At L’Age Baston all our French language teachers are qualified, professional teachers of French as a second language. They are also native French speakers and highly trained teachers of adults. They are flexible, good humoured and have a huge fund of stories, songs and language games as well as the more serious practical exercises. Our French Language Course leader Genevieve, together with her fantastic teaching team will help you improve your French and your understanding of France while enjoying all the other delights that L’Age Baston has to offer.

Genevieve Bourrut Lacouture

French Tutor Genevieve Bourrut Lacouture

I am proud to say that I have worked for L’Age Baston for 18 years now and feel part of the extended family.  I am 55 and live with my husband in a village 9 km from L’Age Baston. I was actually born in the Charente although I spent a long time living in Spain.  I initially studied Tourism and Languages and started off working as a guide and later became a French teacher.  I still teach French (as well as Spanish) in Angoulême and I enjoy teaching because I’m a ‘people person’ who likes communicating and discussing new ideas.  When I’m not teaching I like reading, going to the cinema, theatre, concerts and art exhibitions. I’m also into singing and sing in a local choir.

I love working at L’Age Baston because it is such a beautiful and relaxing environment. My strengths are helping people to feel more confident about their French. Of course, we still have to cover the grammar, but we try to always do it in a practical way. Most people who come to L’Age Baston usually want to practise their speaking and listening skills as much as possible, so we have lots of activities in these areas. We discuss the group’s interests and develop conversations around these topics explaining using French examples. That said, if people want improve their reading and writing skills too, we adapt our programme to support learning in this area.

Patrick Bouthinon

French Tutor Patrick Bouthinon

I initially studied Languages at Bordeaux University.  Then in 1984, I went to Paris and started teaching French as a Foreign Language to political refugees. In 1988 I left France and moved to Germany, where I settled down in Munich and taught for the French Cultural Institute and the Munich Technical University for 18 years. In 2006 I was missing France, so I came back to the Charente region where I was born.  I started working at the Language Centre for the Chamber of Commerce in Angoulême where I still teach today.

For the last five summers, I am also lucky enough to teach at the beautifully relaxed L’Age Baston. I really enjoy teaching here because of the friendly atmosphere that is generated by the hosts Alex and John. I also love meeting the guests who come from all over the world. They come for different reasons; some wish to unwind, others to learn, but all are immediately won over by the beauty of the place, the ambiance and of course Alex’s delicious cooking. The common objective of the French team is to get guests to talk, talk and keep talking in French. Whilst we have fixed lesson plans and ideas, it’s important for people to talk about subjects they enjoy and their own experiences or the hot topics of the moment. The other really important thing for us is to get guests to be more confident in speaking French and we do this by making the courses really fun and enjoyable.

Corinne Guillon

French Tutor Corinne Guillon
I am a 40 something and I live 20kms from L’Age Baston, near Angoulême which is where I was born. I used to work in the tourist industry as a guide in Angoulême and the local region and later became a travel agent. In 2002 I wanted to a change in direction and was introduced to teaching adults, and in particular, teaching French as a foreign language. I immediately knew I was made for it. I did my diploma at the University of Rouen in 2004 and have worked in Adult learning ever since. In my spare time I like the gym, watching films and going to concerts. When I have time, I also like to read and do gardening, but above all I enjoy knitting.

This will now be my 10th year teaching at L’Age Baston and I really enjoy it because although we work hard, it’s in a very relaxed way. I teach guests useful ‘every day’ language and of course we work on grammar too. I love speaking with the L’Age Baston guests and always try to introduce them to the history and geography of the local area as well as the news and current affairs of modern France.