How to book your holiday

Book your L’Age Baston Holiday today by completing our online booking form. You can pay your deposit or make full payment.

Or you can pay your deposit or full payment by cheque or Bank transfer.

Victoria will email you direct to confirm your place.

We look forward to meeting you.

Should you encounter any problems or need any advice, please telephone Alexandra on Freephone 0800 4101016

Please make payments via bank transfer to:

Lage Baston Limited
Santander Bank
Account Number: 48443986
Sort Code: 09.01.53

If you are making a bank transfer outside of the UK, please ensure you except ALL the bank charges and also use the following details:

IBAN: GB71ABBY09015348443986

Alternatively, please make cheques payable to L’Age Baston Limited and post to London address.
L’Age Baston Limited
30 Weyman Road