L’Age Baston Launches Own SketchBooks!

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L’Age Baston Launches Own SketchBooks!

Hello, It’s John Barber here writing to say that I am delighted to announce that L’Age Baston now has it’s own sketchbooks.  They are gold embossed with the famous ‘hound’ logo and almost 20cm square so perfect to carry around with you. They are made in the UK by Seawhite of Brighton and have 95 pages of very good quality 140gsm white paper.  Sewn and bound into a lovely hard-back cloth cover, this is a serious long-term sketchbook, a handsome journal or visual note book for your desk.

They are suitable for all the dry media and take water colour extremely well.  You can use a pen without scratching and masking fluid without lifting the surface.  I can vouch for the durability of these books having used them for 15 years.  I have 12 books so far and use both sides on each page without the picture coming through.  Furthermore, no page has ever come loose!

You’ll see a photo of the sketchbook here as well as a few examples of things in mine to see how well the paper holds up.

They’ll be available at L’Age Baston next summer but if you’d like to get your hands on one before to start recording your artistic ideas in one of these beautiful books, you can contact Victoria to make a purchase. Dare I say it, they’d make a wonderful gift 😉

All the best – John Barber.

The L’Age Baston Sketch book costs £8 & £3 postage and packaging within the UK.  To order or for further delivery queries, please contact Victoria on victoria@lagebaston.com or (+44) 0208 858 7705.

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