My Winter Studio

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My Winter Studio

Aberdeenshire  February 2017

(Susie Hunt on looking forward to L’Age Baston)

The sun is shining bright and pure blue sky can be seen through the roof light, but there is a wind rattling every loose tile and is stripping branches from the trees.  Dry leaves are lifting up and swirling high like flocks of wayward birds. Winters beauty is beastly cold and the central heating is full on in the studio. We are practicing painting techniques and drawing inspiration from a still life arrangement of hothouse flowers.

Susie in the studio

Dreams of Summer

Such a contrast to the summer studio at L’Age Baston – where we float about in cool clothing – wearing any one of the many sun hats that reside on the hat stand waiting for us.  I dream of needing the air conditioning on and relaxing and reclining by the pool after a cooling swim.

I am making some plans too for painting excursions with light-weight sketching materials. To the woods near the Château, which all the potential of dappled shade and sunlight.  This place also offers cool spaces, out of the sun, to sketch rich, warm, earthy colours of paths and trees: not to mention a plethora of foliage greens. Or we can visit the town with its streets and shops and folk sitting under awnings drinking coffees or beers. There too the river reflects the world about it and shimmers and ripples and gently passes under the bridge, offering so many views that really one could stay there for the whole week.

Back in the moment

Susie Hunt studio

We can dip in and out of these places, but there is so much to work to do around the house and in the studio I really appreciate not having to travel anywhere far. Especially at this moment and with this weather. The wind (which has now been called Doris) is still flailing the trees outside, not only has it been flattered with a name, but is threatening to bring snow along with it.

While I won’t wish the year away, I do look forward to time with you at L’Age Baston.

See you soon.


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