L’Age Baston Painting Students Gallery

L’Age Baston is proud to present the Painting Students Gallery. A selection of work done by students on our Painting Holidays recently. Some of these images are photographs taken with a hand held camera and may not accurately represent the quality of the paintings. Others will be scanned and give a more faithful rendering. The idea is simply for you get an impression of the range and variety of the work that is being done. The images are not attributed but do remain the copyright of the artist and the gallery pictures will change on a regular basis.

  • Colourful Studio painting

    Colourful Studio

  • Guardians House painting

    Guardians House

  • Picasso Artwork

    Picasso Painting

  • Parasol and barn art

    Parasol and barn

  • Pink Flower painting

    Pink Flower

  • A chateau at montbron

    A chateau at montbron

  • Bottom Gate painting

    Bottom Gate

  • Cart outside studio painting

    Cart outside studio

  • Deep in the woods painting

    Deep in the woods

  • Donkeys Barn painting

    Donkeys Barn

  • Donky painting


  • Dons portrait

    Dons portrait

  • Elanors chateau at Montbron

    Elanors chateau at Montbron

  • End of Drive painting

    End of Drive

  • From the domaine painting

    From the domaine

  • Garden painting


  • Grand Oak Staircase painting

    Grand Oak Staircase

  • Guardians house pen & ink art

    Guardians house pen & ink

  • L'Age Baston Guest Painting

    Guest Painting

  • Hay Bales art

    Hay Bales

  • IMG_0080

  • P9070653

  • P9070656

  • Pastel Jug artwork

    Pastel Jug

  • Pigeonnier Artwork


  • Portrait painting in pastel

    Portrait in pastel

  • Rooftops painting


  • Still life painting

    Still life

  • Stone painting


  • Student Artwork

    Student Art

  • Students Art

    Students Artwork

  • Studio from high garden artwork

    Studio from high garden

  • Studio pencil artwork

    Studio pencil

  • Sunflower pot painting

    Sunflower pot

  • The Tower painting

    The Tower