Painting Tutors at L’Age Baston

You have a choice of different Painting Tutors at L’Age Baston. They are all wonderful artists and teachers of course, and fun to be with. They are each possessed of a unique charm and style. To find out more about them click on a photo or their name. This will take you to the individual’s Tutor Page, or take a look at the tutors gallery where you can find examples of their work.

Artist Jane Anderson-Wood

Dates: 4th July & 11th July

L'Age Baston Painting Tutor Jane Anderson-Wood

I am a painter and teacher working in water based media and I am best known for my landscapes and waterscapes. For me, teaching is a creative and enriching activity and I have had many years of teaching experience in art schools, adult education and private classes.

I’m happy to work with all artists from nervous beginners to more accomplished and advanced painters.


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Artist Chris Forsey

Dates: 22nd August & 29th August

L'Age Baston Painting Tutor Chris Forsey

Chris Forsey is a professional, figurative painter working in acrylics, watercolour, and mixed media.

He likes landscape and architectural subjects and in capturing atmospheres, fleeting moments of changing light and using dynamic composition, texture and expressive mark making while leaving some areas as vague abstraction, letting the viewer use their imagination.


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Artist Jenny Halstead

Dates: 8th August & 19th September

L'Age Baston Painting Tutor Jenny Halstead

Jenny Halstead tutors in oil, acrylic, watercolour & pastels and is fascinated by form and colour on figure and landscape.

With knowledge and insight drawn from working experience from the worlds of illustration and fine art, she is an enthusiastic and skilled artist and teacher.

Jenny would be an ideal guide on your artistic adventure.


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Artist Jennifer Johnson

Dates: 20th June, 27th June, 5th September & 12th September

L'Age Baston Painting Tutor Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is a talented and successful artist. An experienced tutor, she enjoys the challenge of imparting the skills and techniques required to capture the world around us.

Jenny has a calm and practical approach to the creative puzzles her students meet along the way. With a large following in the West Country, Jenny is good fun and happy with beginners or experts.


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Artist Caroline Johnson

Dates: 6th June & 13th June

L'Age Baston Painting Tutor Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson loves teaching. She is an exciting and highly experienced professional artist in her own right.

Caroline’s infectious enthusiasm animates a structured, thoughtful and enjoyable approach to helping students develop their own artistic responses.


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Artist Ina Pickard

Dates: 18th July & 25th July

I have taught painting and drawing to a full range of age groups and abilities up to degree level but also to mature people coming to painting for the first time.

I am comfortable using and teaching a range of different media; oil, acrylic and watercolour, as well as different drawing materials.

I like to establish a sound basis for progression, beginning with tonal drawing in the studio and then development into further studies and paintings either studio or plain air based.

Colour appreciation, composition, tonal values and dealing with the dreaded greens of high summer will be covered.

It’s exciting to be coming back to L’Age Baston – a great place to learn and to teach. I’m looking forward to July and I hope you will join me there.

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