Gallery of Painting Tutor Pasqualino Fracasso

Here is a small selection of Artist Pasqualino Fracasso’s work. It should help give you an idea of his style and way of seeing things. Click on a painting to enlarge it and then click on the side arrows to see the next in sequence. If you want to know more about Pasqualino Fracasso and his art then please read his Tutor Profile. You can also return to the Painting Course Home Page.

All images Copyright © Pasqualino Fracasso.

  • ny impressions x

    ny impressions x

  • winter impressions

    winter impressions

  • Over The Rules

    Over The Rules

  • a sunny day

    a sunny day

  • back home

    back home

  • verlex sketch

    verlex sketch

  • Rapahel


  • astigiano invernale

    astigiano invernale

  • valtournenche


  • turin morning

    turin morning

  • toulouse


  • mountain river

    mountain river

  • torino piazza vittorio

    torino piazza vittorio

  • aosta sketch

    aosta sketch

  • winter impressions

    winter impressions

  • through the forrest

    through the forrest

  • the matterhorn

    the matterhorn

  • the guardians

    the guardians

  • the light of silence

    the light of silence

  • the first snow

    the first snow

  • the end of winter

    the end of winter

  • milan street

    milan street

  • summer memories

    summer memories

  • sounere sketch

    sounere sketch

  • passeggiata a saluzzo

    passeggiata a saluzzo

  • ny light

    ny light

  • ny impressions viii

    ny impressions viii

  • ny impressions ix

    ny impressions ix

  • The Choce

    The Choce

  • lumieres d hiver

    lumieres d hiver

  • life


  • la val ferre

    la val ferre

  • impressions de bretagne

    impressions de bretagne

  • il freddo dentro

    il freddo dentro

  • colori del bosco d inverno

    colori del bosco d inverno

  • closel sketch

    closel sketch

  • autumn impressions

    autumn impressions

  • albard sketch

    albard sketch