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Want to learn at a faster pace or have a special project in mind? Our French Intensive Course will give you up to 30 hours of tuition over a week’s stay. You will have tutored sessions 5 hours a day plus guided self-study and homework as required.

  • Description

    Intensive French Courses suit students with prior knowledge of French. The activities are varied and our tutors are very good at selecting topics and materials to suit your level and interests. You will have French TV, newspapers, magazines, films and books to help you.

    The course is focused on spoken French and built around two daily sessions with our tutors. The mornings are normally classroom based and the afternoons can include tutor-accompanied visits and practical work. You will have a demanding schedule that includes lots of tutor contact and self-study. Never fear, there is time for relaxation and a dip in the pool too!

    When you book online, we ask you to download and complete our French Language Questionnaire. This will help us assess your skill levels and to tell us if you have any special areas that interest you. The clearer your objectives the more precise we can be with course planning and materials.

    Our French Language Holidays are a unique opportunity to learn French from native French speakers who are professional EFL/ESL teachers. You will have help to build on your knowledge of the French language. L’Age Baston is a very supportive and encouraging place to study in and frequently fun too. We look forward to welcoming you this summer.

  • French Language Questionnaire

    ‘Bonjour’: from the French Language Team at L’Age Baston. To help us to prepare for your French Language Course, please answer the questions below and then click submit. We all look forward to meeting you soon.