Jane Anderson-Wood

Jane Anderson-Wood

Course Dates: 29th June, 6th July

About Jane Anderson-Wood

I’m looking forward to being at L’Age Baston again, to see the lovely house and gardens at L’Age Baston and the river and fairy tale Chateau in La Rochefoucauld. Nothing better than sitting in the shade with my sketchbook, various pens, water soluble graphite sticks and my tiny water-colour box, looking forward to a beautiful lunch or dinner prepared by Alex!

I am a painter and teacher working in water based media and I am best known for my landscapes and waterscapes. For me, teaching is a creative and enriching activity and I have had many years of teaching experience in art schools, adult education and private classes.

I have a passion for watercolour and bags of enthusiasm and regardless of whether you are a beginner or more experienced painter, I tailor my approach to the particular needs of each painter, with advice to help you become more fluent in your chosen medium.

I am used to helping people who are new to art, finding simple ways to take their first steps in watercolour or acrylics and encouraging more experienced painters to be more ambitious with their paintings.

My tuition will cover a mix of demonstrations working both outside and in the studio. Through morning demonstrations we will cover all the basics such as applying washes, colour mixing and brushwork and I will show you how to develop your personal ideas using your watercolour sketches and your photographic reference on your camera, iPad, or laptop.

I was a postgraduate student of the Slade Printmaking Department and for several years ran my own studio for stone lithography in London where I worked with many artists and publishers.

I made the natural transition and began painting in watercolour after moving to Surrey with my family.  I have considerable knowledge of the medium of watercolour and I often mix traditional approaches with contemporary and experimental ideas.

My paintings are usually studio based, where I can develop the carefully organised and delicate washes and glazes which are so characteristic of my work.  I also enjoy drawing and painting outside in the landscape too, when bold mark making and lively colour can also play a part in capturing what I see around me.

I exhibit my paintings regularly in groups and as an individual both locally in Surrey and also at the Royal Watercolour Society, the Society of Woman Artists, the Mall Galleries and the Bankside Gallery. I am also the Chairman of the Dorking Group of Artists.

This lovely venue offers a variety of landscape subjects to stimulate the imagination and a beautiful studio to work in too! We also will make a couple of trips away from the chateau to introduce new subject matter too. At the end of the week we will have a review of the work that has been produced at the Friday exhibition.

I hope to see you there for a fun week of art in wonderful surroundings.

Small selection of Artist Jane Anderson-Wood’s work

Here is a small selection of Artist Jane Anderson-Wood’s work. It should help give you an idea of her style and way of seeing things. Click on a painting to enlarge it and then click on the side arrows to see the next in sequence. If you want to know more about Jane Anderson-Wood and her art then please read her Tutor Profile. You can also return to the Painting Course Home Page.

All images Copyright © Jane Anderson-Wood.

Kit Guide

Using better quality materials and equipment really pays off when painting with watercolour. Generally a boxed set will work very well for beginners and then tubes and supplementary colours can be acquired as necessary. Costs vary between the two qualities of paint and artist quality paints are much more expensive. Artists colours have more pigment in them than the student ranges as the student ranges have more ‘filler’ and so the colour loses its vibrancy quickly when diluted with water. Winsor & Newton (my favourite) make a range of boxed sets or tubes of ‘artists colours’, or a student range which is less expensive called “Cotman”. Daler Rowney also produce artist quality paints, in boxes or tubes, and a cheaper student range called “Aqua Fin” watercolours. You can also buy tubes individually.

Small boxed sets of paints vary between £20 -£35 for the student boxed set. (This usually includes approx. 12 “pans” of paint.) There is also a boxed set of artists quality paints, called “St Petersburg White Nights” available Jacksons for approx. £20.00. Try not to be tempted to buy cheap watercolour sets or brushes from WH Smith or similar as the paint and colour quality is not good.

The following underlined eight colours are a suggested minimum you will need:-
cadmium red, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, french ultramarine, cobalt blue, raw sienna (or yellow ochre), burnt sienna , other useful colours are:-rose madder or permanent rose, viridian, raw umber, aureolin. You must have two blues, two yellows and two reds, with some earth colours (raw sienna & burnt sienna, raw & burnt umber); black is not necessary, neither is white.

Try and buy the best quality pure sable brushes you can get. I recommend you need one to begin with – size 8. Brushes are very expensive and you could expect to pay £10 – £12 for a best quality size 8. I also recommend you bring the following although if luggage space is a problem, please note than you can source paper and sketchbooks at L’Age Baston.

Brushes: soft, round watercolour brushes, (pure sable if possible) number 8 & 10. One brush with a good point will do to start

Paper/pads: An A5 or A4 cartridge paper pad (for sketching/scribbling/notes/compositions)

2H & 2B pencils & rubber, & masking tape

An A4 (or larger) watercolour paper spiral bound pad. ie. Bockingford Watercolour pads 12” x 9” or 14” x 10”

When purchasing art materials I recommend:

  • www.jacksonsart.co.uk
  • www.artsupplies.co.uk
  • www.saa.co.uk

I look forward to meeting you – Jane.

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