Piegut Pluviers Market

We often visit the weekly Piegut Pluviers market in the Dordogne. The market on Wednesday morning has been held here since the seventeenth century. This is one of the largest markets in the South West of France. You will find everything here from artisan foods, arts and crafts, clothes and shoes to household goods right down to livestock. Whether you come to shop, taste, paint or simply look, it’s a lovely morning out.

Visit Piegut Pluviers Market

Piegut is one of our favourite markets. It’s not too far away – just over the Departmental border into the Dordogne. It’s a weekly market and it’s big enough to fill the town, has lots of interest and attracts lots of different people.

You ought to look out for the lovely snail lady and check up on the honey sellers. You should avoid the avaricious merchants of expensive cheeses though, and the scammers with puppies and small pot-bellied pigs. Everybody else is wonderful.

The fruit and veg are excellent, the Charentaise melons in season are fragrant and the strawberries and raspberries delicious. You can find more or less anything here; hats to hardware, chainsaws to chickens, extraordinary pink undergarments, ridiculously cheap bargain clothes (sometimes) and lettuce plants for the vegetable garden.

There are cafes for when you want a rest, patisseries for when you fancy a pastry and a world of people of all different sizes, shapes and persuasions to be looked at. It’s great fun and we never tire of it.

Alex actually has a favourite baker at Piegut where we have earl grey tea and the most delicious tarte aux framboise in the Department. We sometimes pop into the red cross charity shop but more often we have a quick look round the brocante at the eastern end, unless they are having the vide grenier (junk/antiques) up by the car park. So many things not to want! We even have a favourite fruit and veg stall because the boy is always smiling and makes Alex laugh. His mum is very nice too.

Then there’s the man who sells CD’s and tapes of accordion music and popular chansons. All of it at least 30 years old. There’s the twitchy singer and her guitarist partner who busk for hours in the same place and drive the dutch horticultural lady across the street, who sells really good plants and flowers, completely round the bend. More kitchen stuff than a Lakeland catalogue, more plants than a garden centre, hat stalls, knife stalls, live chickens, and even more roasting on one of the biggest rotisseries you have ever seen.

Worth a visit? You bet.

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