Walk Away at L’Age Baston

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WALK AWAY As you may know we live on top of a hill so we have great views out over the Tardoire Valley. Rolling country, tree lines on ridges, distant horizons and fields of crops changing colour. Tra-la-la. Good for walkers to walk in and, of course, for painters to paint. Our summer bedroom faces […]

Thinking of going on a Walking Holiday this Summer?

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Enjoy a L’Age Baston Walking Holiday Hosted by owners Alex and John and their delightful team of family, tutors and helpers. They are experts at making you feel at home and want you to enjoy the Château as much as they do. Documents date the Chateau back to 1309 with a 17th Century update but, […]

Walking cures everything – (an old L’Age Baston proverb)

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You were born to walk. It’s the simple, biological truth. When we evolved to stand upright, humans were all condemned to progress on two feet forever more. You are sort of adapted for it after all, with hips, legs, knees, feet and brain, and a uniquely engineered spine with wonderful curves. Add stereoscopic vision and […]

Reasons to be Cheerful – Walking in Charente

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Walking in Charente When people ask what it is I like about walking in the Charente I’m tempted to sing a walking version of ‘my favourite things’. Mostly I resist temptation because it’s a fair question that demands a real answer, so here it is….. I think we all have lurking inside us an idea […]

Exploring France on a Walking Holiday

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It seems more and more people are putting best foot forward, passing on the beach bakeries and club-fun and taking a vacation walking in the real world. It’s not hard to see why when the variety of walking and trekking available is simply awesome. From the Hindu Kush to the Cotswold Way there are walking […]

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